The Longest Night
It is the longest night of the year. We are once again at a turning point in the year. The nights that have rapidly got darker earlier over the past few months. From this night, the sun begins to return again and the days lighter.

In primitive cultures, there might have been a real fear that the sun would never return again, so this night must have been very important to them. Because, of course, if the Sun did not return, then there would be no planting and the people would die. I expect much was done to celebrate and ensure that the sun would return.

Celebrate the Light
Tonight is the night for celebrating the sun's imminent return. Why not drum to encourage the light to return? You could light a lot of candles to invite the sun back into your life. Meditate on how your ancestors might have felt on this long, cold night. Celebrate by decorating a tree in a local park or some other place!

Celebrate the Goddess
Why not celebrate the Goddess by making yourself a fairy to decorate your room with? You could even give her a pentacle wand!

The Goddess is at a turning point during this night in traditional Wiccan and Pagan stories. She is giving birth to the God, the Sun King. Therefore, she is Maiden but also Mother. She has not given birth yet but soon she will be a mother.

Goddess Sabbat
Some Witches celebrate the Sabbat of Lucina on this night. Lucina is the sun Goddess. She is born on this night. The Witches celebrate the birth of her by rebirthing themselves. If you are a solitary, the best way to celebrate is to try to connect with the child within. This is the part of you that knows how to play, laugh and so on.

Many of us do not have very strong connections with our child, often to traumatic experiences that have happened when we were young that we have now forgotten about. Many of the things that have hurt us might seem trivial to us now, but to a child, they can seem very serious. For example, feeling guilty after smashing a vase and then being told off even though it wasn't our fault.

However, it is not an excuse to go and moan at your parents. It wasn't necessarily their fault. They were only trying to make sure it didn't happen again.