Sometimes, I wish I could say it was all about bats wings, puppy dogs tails and turning people into frogs. However, it isn't.

It can be about worshipping Gods and Goddess, just one God or Goddess or neither. It is an ancient religion, almost wiped out during the burning times. Rituals and practices had to be kept secret.

We are only just beginning to rediscover this ancient spirituality. It is because of the secrecy during the burning times that the religion now seems to be a bit of a jumble of different paths. However, there are a couple of rules that characterise members of this group:

An it harm none, do what thou wilt


By the power of three times three,
All that ye send out shall return to thee

Whatever branch of Witchcraft you choose, it is a gentle path for the most part. We are concerned with looking after the planet and each other. However, it is a path that asks you confront your demons and overcome them (eg overeating).

Most of use celebrate the changing of the seasons with special days, we celebrate the power of the moon and most of us have rituals and cast spells. We believe that life is worth living and should be celebrated by making the most of what we have and realising what's important.

For a thorough explanation of these rules please go to the Witchcraft Ethics page!