Spells have to be the thing that Witches are most famous for but I wish that Hollywood movie spells were possible. Wouldn't it be great to turn your boyfriend into a frog sometimes? Only in a non-revengful way, of course!

Sadly these things won't come true but you can do a lot with Spellcraft. Start by making lots of little wishes or spells throughout the day and seeing if they come true. For example, you've lost your scissors and you're desperate to open the parcel you've just received. Relax. Concentrate on what your scissors look like. See them in your mind's eye. Say something like 'scissors, scissors, come to me as I see them so mote it be!'. Raise a little power during the chant and release it. Relax for a moment and see if you can find them. You might suddenly remember where you put them or see where you last saw them or realise that you should have just gone and got a kitchen knife. All are valid outcomes and show that your spell worked.

Try the above and see what happens. Don't forget to record what you did, the outcome and especially any little chants you come up with. Note, I did not say cast a circle. It's not necessary for instant fixes.

Doing this on a regular basis not only makes you realise how easy it is, it gives you more confidence, makes you feel more Witchy and boosts your creativity - making it easier to come up with new ideas and not worrying about fussy details.

Full Spellwork should be almost as formal as a ritual, so follow the ritual plan. However, they can be simpler depending on what you are wishing for. For example, a new house is a big wish and deserves a big ritual. I am particularly fond of Titania Hardie's way of doing things because she does things like I do - not too much fuss and formality. She has some beautiful spells in Enchanted and I would highly recommend it.

The important thing with spells is not to get hung up on the details. Props and ingredients work as reminders and as a focus for your intent. It is important that your intent is the most powerful thing.

Don't forget, always work within the Witchcraft laws of ethics and never do a spell to influence someone unless they have asked you, eg healing.