The Best Known Sabbat
This is probably the best known of all the Sabbats - celebrated by millions across the world. It is, of course, Halloween. Celebrated by millions of non-pagans it's nice to know that at least some of the old ways are in this world. OK, so it may not be the way we might celebrate, but so what? At least our friends will have something in common with.

The Beginning of the Year
It is a very important Sabbat for Witches because it marks the beginning of the new year. Like the traditional Christian new year, it is a great time for a big party! So as part of your celebrations, why not invite all your friends over and apple-bob! It is the night for messing around and having fun, as well as paying our respects for all those who have passed over. It is supposed to be the best night of the year for divination.

Lighten Up
Some Witches get upset that this night has been 'hijacked' and turned into a commercial gain. They dislike children being dressed up as wicked witches. All I can say is, lighten up! It's just a bit of fun, after all. The kids can't be blamed because they don't know the truth and probably neither do the parents. Just look on it as a bit of piss taking.

All sorts of groups of people all over the world are laughed at, we shouldn't take it to heart. There's a big difference between humour and being malicious - if you don't know what witches are, then you can't be malicious. Over time, people will come to respect us as more of us come out of the broom closet and more still join us.

However, I don't think that the traditions or fun of Halloween will ever be forgotten, so I think we should just go with the flow and enjoy ourselves - it is what the Craft is all about, after all!

Fun Traditions and Superstitions
In Belgium, white cakes are cooked called 'cakes of the dead'. One cake is eaten to every spirit honored. Lighting an orange candle at midnight and allowing it to burn until sunrise will bring you good luck. It is considered to be bad luck to bake bread or travel after sunset on Samhain. Of course, this may be difficult for those of us who work and then have to go out to a friend's house or a wood to celebrate the Sabbat! Stand in front of a mirror and make a secret wish and it will come true - so wish carefully!

Goddess Sabbat
The Goddess can be celebrated in her Crone aspect, such as Hecate. She is sometimes referred to as the 'Queen of the Witches', presumably because of the enormous powers and wisdom that she has achieved. Many people see Hecate as the ultimate in wicked witches.

These stories are perpetuated through a fear of Her huge powers. She should not be viewed in this way. Indeed, she could probably give you a very evil eye and curse you to death but she isn't likely to. Wisdom gives power and knowledge. The knowledge and power not to curse for the sake of cursing. The Goddess knows how to punish those who do wrong.

Today is considered to be the most powerful time of the year. This is not surprising seeing as Crones have studied the Craft for many years. Crone, of course does not necessarily correspond to the years that they have been alive. An older member of the Craft may be in her Maiden aspect if she has only studied for a couple of years.