The Equinox
This is the Spring Equinox. It is another turning point in the year. From this day on, the light begins to overcome the dark. We begin to think that Spring is truly on it's way and soon it will be Summer.

More and more flowers appear every day as they begin to grow because of the warmth. Even if we may not think it has got any warmer, they certainly know that it has.

Easter Time
The equivalent Christian festival is Easter. There are many Christian traditions that are celebrated that were probably once Pagan. Easter eggs are an obvious one. However, these days even the Christian symbolism of eggs seems to have been lost as the commercial chocolate manufacturers hijack the festival, too. Hot Cross Buns are a food that can equally be linked to Pagan traditions.

The equal armed cross is often used by Pagans instead of the traditional Christian one. Brigid's Cross (made at Imbolc) is an example of this.

The four points can represent the points on a compass: North, East, South and West. They also represent the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. The points could also represent the seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

For Christians, this is the time of Lent. Traditionally, you give something up for this period. This is because Jesus sacrificed himself to 'save' humanity. Almost everyone is familiar with Pancake Day, the beginning of Lent and indeed many of us, even non-Christians, celebrate it. I expect you know the reason for Pancake Day - to use up the things in your larder so that you did not have these foods to eat.

However, sacrifice should not be viewed in this way. It should not be a hardship, rather a spiritual transformation for which you will be rewarded. A mother might not buy herself something, for example, in order to buy her child a toy. However, she will not be hurt when she sees the joy on her child's face.

You could give up an old set of values in order to be more like you want to be. For example, you could try to be less angry if you fly off the handle a lot and cause upset to those around you. Why not give up smoking (if you smoke!) to help you be healthier?

Think of a sacrifice that is not hurtful or degrading, but one that will help you and that will make you more happy or more fulfilled once you have come through it.

Goddess Sabbat
We could celebrate the Goddess Kore, for she is a maiden who is physically born at this time. She was spiritually born at Yule. More animals and plants begin to be born with her at this time, too. Birth surrounds us once again. We see the miracle of the womb of the Earth.

This is the time to mend the bond between mother and daughter, if you feel you need/can do. If you have a strong relationship anyway, strengthen it more. In both cases, an appropriate way would be to have a meal together.

If you have children yourself, spend time with them. If you are a mum, but have a son, then strengthen that bond too. Get him to show his 'feminine' side and get some affection out of him!

If you do not have a family or the bonds are not that good, do not despair. Invent a family of your own! Get your friends together and have a 'family' meal. If you do not like this idea or find it impossible to do, then invite the Earth to be your mother! Ask her to look after you. Connect with her and strengthen your bond