Welcome to The Witch news page. I hope to be able to update with the latest Witchy news, stuff about me, diary dates and hopefully a video diary.

Forthcoming Diary Dates
Sabbat: Summer Solstice aka Litha Sunday 20th June 04
New Moon: Thursday 17th June 04 9:27pm (BST)
Esbat: Saturday 3rd July 04 full moon 12:09am (BST)
New Moon: Saturday 17th July 04 12:24pm (BST)
Esbat: Saturday 31st July 04 full moon 7:05pm (BST)
Lughnasadh aka Lammas Sunday 1st August 04

New Moon: Monday 16th August 04 2:24am (BST)
Esbat: Monday 30th August 04 full moon 3:22am (BST)
New Moon: Tuesday 14th September 04 3:29pm (BST)
Sabbat: Mabon aka Autumn Equinox Wednesday 22nd September 04

Esbat: Tuesday 28th September 04 full moon 2:02pm (BST)
New Moon: Thursday 14th October 04 3:48am (BST)
Esbat: Tuesday 28th October 04 full moon 4:07am (BST)
Sabbat: Samhain aka Halloween Sunday 31st October 04