Long, Lazy Day
This is the longest day of the year. The pace of life seems to slow. If we are lucky, the weather is good. People flock to the seaside, parks and forests.

People bare all (or nearly anyway!) and lounge around drinking beer and cola and eating ice-creams. Everyone acts like the summer will last forever.

All Change
Once again, we are reminded that nothing in the world is static. For one day only, everything is in equilibrium. Leading up to today, the days had been getting longer. But now, the days will get shorter again. The change may not be obvious, but we know that it is happening. Maybe it is a time for reflection into one's own life. Perhaps we should not look at that for which we grieve as a loss but rather a stage in our life, necessary to progress from.

Even death can be put to good. Think of the way that people reacted to people dying in the famines in Ethiopia. For a while, everyone gave their money and time to sending food to these people to help them live.

Enjoy the Sunrise
Many people across the world get up early (or even don't go to sleep) on this day to watch the sunrise. It must be a beautiful site to see the sun rise very early on the longest day of the year.

Unfortunately, I have never seen it. I tried to on Midsummer 98 but there was so much cloud that all we could see was a slightly bright patch of cloud! I was very disappointed. That's the problem with trying to see the sun rise on Midsummer in Britain - it's usually the only cloudy morning of the summer!

There are often organised groups who get together to witness the sight. It can involve enjoying festivities during the evening and then camping overnight. Ask your tourist board for information. There are usually several to choose from.

Goddess Sabbat
We could celebrate the Goddess Aphrodite on this day. She is probably the most famous Goddess. Maybe because she embodies almost everything that the patriarchal society expects from a woman. She is of course, the Goddess of Love. She is a free, wild spirit able to enjoy the most satisfaction and pleasure from a sexual relationship.

However, because she is a Love Goddess, not a Sex Goddess, she is able to show her love for other people in a non-sexual way. Come together with a girlfriend or boyfriend and bond some more. Invite as many friends as you have. Bond together. Today is the day for making the bonds between people strong