The Games Lugh Plays...
This festival is named after Lugh, the Celtic God of Light. According to many Wiccan writers, he dies at this time, so this festival is about the death of light in some ways.

Looking closely at the ancient myths, some writers have suggested that in actual fact the games referred to were games played at Lugh's foster mother's funeral. Her name was Taillte and in Ireland the festival is called Tailltean's games.

Other Myths
In some traditions, the death of the Corn King happens at this time. He personifies the Spirit of the Corn. Of course, because it is harvest time, this is the reason for his death. It is a sacrifice for which we give thanks.

In other traditions, it is the time when the sacred marriage between the God and Goddess occurs. This is the reason why some Handfastings occur at this time. It is traditional in Ireland, for example to begin the year and a day marriage at this time.

Harvest Time
Of course, it is harvest time. In the time of our ancestors, it was a busy but rewarding time. It must have been full of happiness for the success of the crop but also heartache for the fact that the store must be looked after and that it may not last the winter.

Unfortunately with today's modern farming methods, it is not easy for us to gauge how our ancestors must have felt to bring in the harvest. If possible, try to go and see a farmer cutting down the crop. It might not be the same as it used to be but you will get the idea with a bit of imagination. Alternatively, try to visit a Neolithic 'grain site'. These are often rings on top of mounds where archaeologists thought that Neolithic peoples stored their grain. It is probably easier to visit a site if you are in the UK. Ask your tourist board for information.

If you cannot do either of these, you could try growing some Cress or sprouts before your celebration. Then you can 'harvest' them as part of your ritual.

Bread Glorious Bread
It is appropriate to bake bread on this day. Don't worry if you think that bread is difficult and time consuming to make. It isn't really, you just need to prepare and organise a bit. Besides, how often does a Sabbat come around? You might as well make it special!

There is nothing more rewarding than pulling that first loaf out of the oven. If you have never made bread before, then please make an effort. You won't be disappointed. Why not try one of my recipes?

The alternative name for Lughnasadh is Lammas. Lammas means 'loaf mass'. It's name suggests the furious baking that might have gone on on this day in celebration of this festival. Although Lammas is more known as a Christian festival, some Witches use the name instead of Lughnasadh.

Goddess Sabbat
The Goddess Habondia could be celebrated on this day. Today is a day for celebrating all the wonderful things we have. Today should be full of abundance and wealth - that doesn't necessarily mean wealth of money. It is a good day for sending out good thoughts to those who are less privileged than us. You could always give some money or send something instead.

It is a good day for helping others on this path or for trying to receive some help from a more experienced Witch. It is a good day for all types of communication. If possible try to camp out for the night. However, for reasons of safety, please try to camp with a friend(s). I would love to believe that there are no bad people in the world or that because you were 'in' with the Goddess then you would be safe but unfortunately that is not true. Please do not take the 'it will never happen to me' view.