When it comes to actually doing the work in the middle of the ritual or spell, it's up to you how you do it and what you do.

It's a good idea to focus on your intent first. Absorb yourself in whatever you're doing, eg sewing, drawing, etc and think only about what you want the outcome to be, not how you will get there. If you are only using willpower, as it were, meditate a little first.

When you're ready, build up your power. Begin with it inside you as a tingling or warm sensation, a bit like excitement, especially at the heart chakra, but then try to build it up into a cone above your head. When you've built it up as much as you can, let the cone fly off into the sky, along with all your wishes. You need to let go completely. As soon as the cone goes, the sensations should go, too. If it is a general wish, such as peace on earth, you might like to see it explode above your head and the pieces fall to earth like a blessing.

Do not think of it again (you'll have to shift your attention when you catch yourself).