Balanced Again
Once again, nature is briefly in balance. Night and day are the same length. Although we celebrate to equinoxes when things are in balance, today is the day for rebalancing and putting things back in order.

From today, the journey into the darkness gathers pace. The nights get longer and colder. We all begin to wish for the summer.

Celebrate the Harvest
This is the second Sabbat to celebrate the harvest. However, this Sabbat celebrates the collection of the harvest. All the hard work of the summer has finished. We can rest and feast knowing that we will last the winter. It must have truly been like this to our ancestors. Day to day living was about living every moment. Planting, nurturing, hunting, gathering, eating, drinking and community.

Our ancestors must have truly known the meaning of hardship as well as enjoyment and beauty. Although it may be hard in this technological world to know where our food comes from, we must give thanks for the food that we have. After all, it came from the body of the Earth.

To give thanks means to contemplate and meditate and even give back some of the food that we have received. It is the time for making jams and chutneys and generally stocking up the larder.

Journey Inward
The Autumn Equinox is a brilliant time to begin the journey inwards. So now is the time to really begin to try to find out more about yourself. This part of the year is considered to be the half of the year that is devoted to the mind. Perhaps this is why the myths of this time are about the God/dess disappearing from us into dark places.

The God leaves us to enter the spiritual realm. The Goddess leaves us to enter the Underworld. It is believed that any magic made at Lughnasadh will not take effect until now. This is because of the switch from the physical to the mental at this time.

Maybe this Sabbat is also about preparing us for the main Sabbat of Samhain which is of course the night for divination and contacting the spirits.

Giving Thanks
When I was at school, it was customary to collect cans and packets of food which were then donated to charities for distribution among the poor and elderly. I still think that this is a good idea. However, we used to do this later in the year but I think that as this is a festival of harvest, it is more appropriate to do it on this day.

Goddess Sabbat
The most obvious Goddess to celebrate at this time would be Persephone. She is lured into the Underworld by her mother Demeter. It is a time of mourning and of joy. We mourn for the summer as we now that we have lost it, it has died.

We feel joyous for the year that we have just lived. We laugh at the silly things we did in the summer and think of all the ice-cream we ate! We begin to feel the power and wisdom that this part of the year brings us. It is like a Crone is teaching us and indeed, she is in her own way. Showing us all the ways we can improve and grow strong, if only we open our eyes in the darkness.

Now is the time to break the bonds from things which have hurt us. We must let go of the clinging desperation of old lovers that will never return.